So, Sophia is a kindergarten teacher from Virginia with experience teaching in Korea and Kuwait. She rowed in high school and has traveled to many many places! She has always enjoyed meeting new people and travelling to new and exciting countries and is currently trying to hit 50 countries before she is 30 (no hints on when that will be!) She REALLY loves ice cream and has the worlds biggest crush on Rob for which he is eternally grateful (even if he can’t figure out why)

Rob is a music teacher from Suffolk in England and grew up slightly near to Ed Sheeran, although he was unaware of it at the time. Rob enjoys music, performing, singing, and generic geeky things (don’t ask) and is currently enjoying travelling and experiencing new things. His favorite food is pizza and if it wasn’t for stomach issues with lots of cheese he would eat far more.

We have been together for a year and a half and got engaged in October on a wonderfully sunny day when Rob used our Lego models to distract Sophia long enough that he could get down on one knee. This was followed by a trip to watch the Redskins play in London unfortunately they didn’t manage to beat the Bengals!

We both enjoy travelling, food, walks, board games and television shows and we are keen to share some of the things we get up to in this blog – we really hope you enjoy it.


Here we are in Asheville, NC taking in the lovely views of nature!