Desert Sunrises

It has happened a couple times: me, stopping in the middle of something and getting a bit teary-eyed as I reminisce about my time in Kuwait and what things I would miss. It happened as I was putting artwork on the walls at school, it has happened in the early mornings as the call to prayer sounds and, most recently, it happened as I sat atop Mutla Ridge and watched the sunrise.

I’ve lived here for a little over five years, so of course there will be bits I will miss. Some things are obvious, like the friends I have made here and just the random people I have met along the way, because everyone has an effect on everyone. Others may not be as obvious, such as the views or the culture. So, I thought I’d put together a bit of a list of things I will definitely miss about Kuwait. This will probably not make me cry (HA!), so this should be fun!

  • My parents: They have been here with me since my very first day in Kuwait. They have been here with me through tough school days, rough break-ups to meeting Robert and traveling together. I know they will still be here, but it will definitely be a challenge to leave them and start off on a new adventure. I know we have a lot more in store for us, so that keeps me going but, still, they will be the best things I will miss. (YEP! Definitely NOT crying, y’all!)
  • My friends: Duh. They have also been with me since the beginning, and have taught me a lot about myself. They have experienced Kuwait with me, traveled to new places, concert-ed together, cried together, laughed together. These friends have turned into family and family is hard to let go of. I am very fortunate in that the closest of my friends will be in Asia, too.
  • The call to prayer: It sounds out five times a day and has become such a soothing sound, that being without it will take some getting used to.
  • The kids: I have taught 116 children in my time here. I have had cousins, brothers, and sisters; I have built relationships with the families. I have been able to watch them grow! Ugh, yes, I will miss these families. Also – tiny people hugs.
  • The amazing sunsets/sunrises: HOLY MOLY, guys. The desert can actually be a beautiful thing, even the littered desert of Kuwait.
  • Sheesha: This is a weakness.
  • The food: Falafel! Hummus! Fatoush! NOMNOMNOM. Sad face.
  • Souk Mubarakiya: It is always a good time.

Guys, I’ve run out. I guess I got all the important things and that’s the best part. I’m sure there is a whole heap more that I will miss, but my mind has officially shut down (it’s the end of the week, gimme a break).

Kuwait City at sunrise

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