*Rob came up with this brilliant subject for our first post. He’s brilliant.

Hey there! Rob and I decided to start a blog to chronicle our new adventures together! We will each be participating in posting and hopefully it won’t be too far or in-between.

We have accepted positions at an American school in Ho Chi Minh City and are very excited to move from our home for the last 3 to 5 years to a new home 3,997 miles away. Rob will continue his craft of music and I will be jumping in with both feet, both hands, my body, my head and all that jazz into teaching fifth grade (quite the change from kindergarten to grade five! Can you tell I’m nervous as h-e-double hockey sticks?!). We are super excited about all the changes.

Changing countries is no easy feat, mind you. There are so many stamps, notarizations, check-ups, selling and shipping items, and general running about involved, but luckily we have some super awesome people that are willing to help us with everything!

In the midst of moving countries, we are also in the process of planning a wedding! Oy! Glad we didn’t decided to have the partay this summer! Wedding planning is a hassle, man. There is so much involved! I’ve always watched friends (via the book of faces) plan for their weddings and always thought to myself, “Pfffft, I’m just gonna go to city hall and be done with it.” Turns out, in my heart of hearts, that is not what I really wanted. Go figure. So, here we are also planning a wedding from 3,748 miles, soon-to-be 6,234 miles away! Sounds fun, no?

Anywhos, the first post is done. Yay! WELCOME!




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