Kuala Lumpur

Six weeks after our weekend in Phú Quốc, we had a week off for the Mid-Autumn Festival! It was a much needed break, to be honest! At first, we were planning on going to Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, and then back to KL. After thinking about and realizing that relaxing at home doing nothing with our new pup sounded better than hopping around during the week, we changed our holiday to just KL for 4 days.

We got in at 5 AM Saturday morning and managed to check in to our hotel and get a few hours of kip that first day. Woke up, and started walking around. We loved KL. The accessibility of everything, the metro, greenery, and how diverse the people of KL are were the things that drew us in. We went to a mosque, even though we have been to so many having lived in the Middle East. Gorgeous. Just walking around the city was nice. It doesn’t seem super large, which I really enjoyed.

The next day, we had booked a bicycle tour of the city that was to last 3 hours. We met our guide at the I heart KL sign and we ventured around the city seeing stuff we didn’t realize we should see. We had a nice little lunch at a local little eatery with him. A good exercise outing that we both highly enjoyed. It was also a great intro to biking in the city, as we were planning on buying bicycles in Vietnam. We then went over to the Petronas Towers for a tour of them! It was super cool being up there seeing everything. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by Sephora and H&M out of pure excitement and possibly bought too many things. After rushing home and changing, we made our way to Skybar at Traders Hotel where we had reservations. SO COOL. The Amazing Race had been there before so I was even more excited about going. The view of KL at night is a stunner. It was such a great night out with my husband. I am super grateful.

The last day we had in KL was spent wandering around the city again, as we did not feel up to going to Batu Caves. We figured that we live close enough, we can go back for another weekend. Very much looking forward to it.

I know that we only saw a snippet of Malaysia, but the diversity of the people, the food, the shopping (ha), and religions really struck a chord with me. I think that is one of the reasons I really love Jordan, as well. The people of the countries are so diverse in their beliefs and ways of life, but they are still living peacefully together. Makes my heart happy, especially with all the negativity going around these days.


We got a dog!

It was September 28th when she popped up onto my Facebook newsfeed. I screenshot the post about her and sent it straight to Robert. His response? “We can if you like.” Within minutes, the rescue center that found her was contacted, we found boarding places nearby, we downloaded the adoption form. That night, we sat down together and filled in the form. I was so nervous about it, that I made sure I didn’t miss out on any details. After we scanned it back onto the computer and sent it back to VAR, I was giddy with excitement.

The next day, I was so consumed with the idea of getting her. So excited, but I tried to hide it, pretending like it was no big deal if we didn’t, cos it wasn’t meant to be. I kept messaging VAR asking questions, clarifying things, just being very very annoying.

We found out on Saturday the 30th that we were the chosen ones!!! We were so excited, ha! Jumping up and down then we went straight to the pet stores and bought all the essentials. After picking her up and hearing all the horror stories of dogs in Vietnam, the next day, we brought her home and she was so tiny.

Anywhos, we have had her since October 1st. At the time, the VAR thought that she was about 6 weeks old, so now she is about 15 weeks old? Or about 4 months! Yay! We feel like it has been a big step, ha. It’s like having a child! Thankful we have a dog first. It has helped open the lines of communication in terms of raising an animal. Ha!


Phú Quốc

Two months! I apologize for the length of time that has passed since the last update.

For this update, we are going back about two months, to the long weekend we spent off the coast of Vietnam, on the island of Phú Quốc. It was such a nice getaway from the city and the island, itself, was quite fun.

Before we arrived, we made reservations at a hotel that had a swimming pool and was a ten minute drive from the airport. So nice and easy! Just two days before we were to leave Saigon, we received an email from the hotel saying their swimming pool was going to be shut for renovations. At first we were really upset by it because, I mean, swimming pool! But then we decided that it’s on the beach so it should be all gravy. We arrived super early in the morning (which we had also notified the hotel about) but were not able to get into our room, so we ended up sitting on the beach for a couple hours. The beach was so gross! The hotel hadn’t cleaned it up at all; there was trash everywhere and even the water was polluted with all sorts of garbage, so we didn’t want to go swimming in the ocean! That was when we decided that if we couldn’t swim in the pool and in the ocean, that we should try to find a new place to stay for the weekend.

Once we settled into our new hotel, with complimentary juice! We felt more relaxed and were quite thankful that we both thought it was a wise choice. The swimming pool at this hotel was so nice! And the beach held spectacular sunsets. That night, we met up with another couple and a friend who were on the island for the weekend, too. We ate some yummy burgers and then found a beach-side bar to relax and dance the night away. It was a good time.

The next day, the five of us rented motorbikes and biked to the other side of the island to visit Sao Beach, which we had all heard amazing things about. It was very beautiful! White sand and the water was relatively clear (at least clear enough for rainy season). We swam around and walked around a bit. Grabbed a bite to eat in a restaurant near the beach and rode back. By the end of the day, I’m pretty sure all of us had caught the sun pretty bad, but I still sat out in the sun (ha!).

Our last day on the island was a very chilled out one. We lazed by the pool while enjoying our last couple hours of our small holiday.

We really enjoyed Phú Quốc and I think we both would really like to go back for another relaxing weekend by the beach, but there are so many beaches near the city we still have to explore, so maybe we will check those out first.21686847_10100277277715468_1648286630335242184_o


Alhamdulillah, we have settled into our routines at home and at school pretty well. When we are at home, we are either at the gym with new-found gym friends, running around picking up last minute items, or unwinding from our long days at school.

At school, we have settled into teaching the little ones and the big ones. The people at school seem to have a great community that we have been welcomed into which is really nice and quite different than what I am used to.

Seeing as we have finally gotten internet at the apartment and everything is settling into place with daily and weekly routines, I feel like I need to get into more of a routine as far as this blog is concerned! I hope that I can do this! Fingers crossed for at least once a week.

I will leave this short blog post with a super awesome picture of our apartment!


It’s a Small World After All


While we orientating ourselves to the school, country, and the rest of the newbies we have run into so many people that make us really feel like we really do live in a small world!

For example, there are a huge handful of people coming from the Middle East, mash’Allah! It is super nice to still hear “yalla” and “insh’Allah” around the place in random pockets of people. There is a couple that came from Central America who lived in Kuwait, even! And two of the teachers that are in their second year at the school even worked at my old school! Familiar faces make it much easier to cope with being in a new country, new school, new grade, new friends group.

One of our friends even has mutual friends back in the States! When we realized this we were both excited and I think calmed at the fact that we had this in common.

The weirdest of all, I think, is that one of the teachers at the school stopped me in the hallway and asked if I was in Korea. I said I was, but 7 years ago. He then said, “Were you in Suji?” I answered that I was not, but I spent pretty much every night, if not weekend there. Then we realized that we knew the same people there. Later on in the day, I found out he had been in Kuwait as well and we also had a mutual friend! He was very shocked that I had “lasted” five years in Kuwait, as he lasted only one.

But there ya go! It’s a small world! I’ve been humming that to myself every time I see these familiar faces around the school and apartment complex. It brings a bit of sunshine and solace to a hectic and stressful time while acclimating to a brand new life in its entirety.


The (first) Vietnam Issue!

So we’ve been in Vietnam for a grand total of 7 days and needless to say it’s been an experience so far! (plus I thought it was only 5 days – Sophia is a handy proof reader)

Vietnam is, well, very very different from what I expected. My first impression is that it’s very welcoming, despite having some factors that can be frustrating (my personal pet peeve is the people who walk around REALLY REALLY slowly right in front of you) crossing the road is scary/exhilarating/hilarious – I find throwing my life into the hands of a wall (yes a wall) of motorbikes/scooters different to some I think.

We have acquired a flat (it’s really nice, although the building is still under construction so a touch noisy) with the accompanying access to a swimming pool and gym. The gym has been particularly well used, which is probably the reason for laziness today (we got there for half an hour at least!)

We’ve met some co-workers, been to a quiz and started walking around and exploring our location (we have plenty more to look at as well!)

To be honest, I’m not sure what the time here will bring – we start work properly tomorrow morning so maybe we shall have updates for you then,

enjoy yourselves!






Kuwait had become my home. I was there for five years, my friends were there, my job was there, my parents were there, and then I met Rob and he was there. 
We are on the way to the airport now and it feels weird not going “home” but to another city, another country, that will soon be referred to as “home.” Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: home. More like Robert: home. 

I thank the Universe as often as I can remember to for bringing him into my life, but I am thanking it a billion times over right at this moment for having him by my side as we venture off to a new adventure. At least home is coming with me.

My Home